Looking for free movie apps to enjoy the boring journey? Are are that bored commuter on a train? Or are you the one who loves watching movies alone? Cheers!  Tired of watching those stereotypical movies on TV again and again? Exhausted of all those trips to the multiplex? No problem. These hassles won’t trouble you anymore. Guess what? The solution lies right in your pocket. I have compiled a LIST OF TOP  MOVIE APPS for you. All you need to do is, visit one of these links, pick your choice, plug-in your favourite earphones, and stream your movie right on your device and dive into the realm of your own exclusive multiplex.

Selecting the right Movie App for watching movies is yet again a tedious task. Once the application has been downloaded, there are additional aggravations of ‘host not available’, ‘link is broken’ and the multitude of other issues. The applications mentioned here, will minimise your annoyances and let you enjoy your movies without any commotion.

Be it Android or iOS the movie Apps are available for all platforms. Here I’ve managed to compile a list of online movie Apps for Android and iOS. Let’s have a peek at these apps which ensure you never have to face the jurisdiction of boredom.

List of Best Movie Apps For Mobile/Tablet

1. Showbox (Android) | Freebie

Showbox is one of the best in class movie streaming app available for android users. It is a streaming application offering online movies and TV series, yet again in HD quality, and absolutely free. Hence, just connect an external display to your smartphone and watch the films with your friends, or enjoy it all alone on your tablet in High definition. If you missed an episode of your favourite show, no worries, you can catch it up later on showbox.

This app is not available for download on Google Play. Nevertheless, one can install it from an external source as an apk file and enjoy the uninterrupted viewing experience it provides. You can get the latest version of showbox movie app from given below link.

2. Moviebox (iOS) | Freebie

When It has you get Movie App show box on iOS, you’re simply getting Moviebox. This App is a replica of Showbox and works exactly like latter one. Evolved as an alternative to the giant player Netflix but it is free. Isn’t it a good news? You’re getting everything Netflix has to offer for free. Plus, you can see the latest trailers of the movie. You can read movie reviews.

Now with the newly developed user interface for iOS, it makes the user easier to surf through the movies’ list. It supports German, French and Turkish language along with English. In Moviebox you can add movies to your two playlists: watched and to watch. The life has never been easier for movie watchers.

3. Movie HD App (Both)

Movie HD App is yet another online movie app in the list which offers free movie streaming of new movies and TV shows for Android and iOS users. This app offers an added feasibility of downloading the content for offline viewing. Hence, if you face that buffer hassles whenever you stream movies online, just download it for a seamless viewing experience later. Last, but not the least, this application allows streaming in diverse qualities. Be it 360p, 720p or even High Definition 1080p, with ample content updates regularly, you’ll never miss out on entertainment again.

4. Netflix (Both) | Paid 

So you have come across this app already? Yeah, we knew this coming but we are going to tell you why this is so popular around the globe. The best thing about Netflix is the convenience, accessibility, and ease to operate on any device. It not only works on iOS but you can watch it on any device. You can watch it on your smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray players, Android smartphones and even Windows phone. Just use any computer, watch right on Netflix.com.

You can watch what you have watched: this is called passive watching. Netflix keeps the record of what you have watched and you can watch any show If you are feeling nostalgic about it.

But we cannot deny that the immense popularity it has gained is due to TV shows. Many people do not like watching movies on it that makes us find for next movie streaming apps.

5. Crackle (Both) | Free App

Crackle is another innovative app available on the Google Play Store, for streaming movies and content on Android and iOS device. With a wide array of offerings across different genre, this app is remarkably well-developed to surf and stream in numerous movies. The only con to this online movie app is that the movies can’t be downloaded for viewing later.

Still, it should be of little concern, as the best in class user experience this app provides with support across different platforms, this app has garnered a staggering 4.1 rating on the Play store. This offering is free of cost and with the horde of features available, it is undeniably one of the best apps of the genre.

6. TubiTv (Both) | Free App

It takes an exemplary effort to achieve 4 ratings on the Play store, and that too, in the genre of Movie Playing Apps. This iconic application is set to reverse the trends and rankings owing to its wide array of proposals. TubiTv ensures the users of free movie and TV series streaming. With a choice desk of a whopping 40,000 titles, this application is a bit enthralling for all the movie buffs out there.

Be it Kung Fu, or vintage dramas, much of the mainstream content can be found here. Hence, when you are searching for some new movie to feast upon, downloading this app is highly recommended. For more movies, you should check some best free movie sites. The public torrent is a great place to find legal movies.

7. Hubi (Android) | Free One

Hubi is another notable application that has grossed popularity owing to the feature of downloading and video streaming App. This application extracts the download links of streaming movies and facilitates offline viewing. Hubi is the only entrant in the industry to offer as many as 39 different services for streaming and downloading content, be it movies, clips or your favourite TV shows. The additional viability of using the media player of your own choice, Hubi amplifies its user-centric offering.

You can view the downloaded movie or the streaming content right into your machine’s media player. This app can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store absolutely free of cost.

8. Hotstar (Both) | Free

Hotstar is an Indian venture, proposing on demand viewing entertainment services in the country. The magnum opus of movie streaming apps, it doesn’t lag behind on any terms against its foreign counterparts. Similar to Netflix, this application offers different plans to choose from and stream the trending content like latest movies or TV shows. Comparable to its foreign competitor, Hotstar is built with a customer-centric feature.

The free account feature has planted this service way ahead of other movie streaming apps. With enhanced usability across different platforms, this app can be termed the “sincera” of the online movie streaming industry.

9. Cinema Box (Both) | Free

Another movie streaming App available on iOS and Android, this app is also known as Play Box HD. It is the safest app when you are with your family. It is free as well. Cinema Box has a large library of movies as well. You can choose the movies according to your mood. You can play it right on your iOS device or you can even stream it to Apple TV or Chromecast. It even supports the Wifi Sharing feature.

If you are having a problem with your internet network or you do not want to rely on your internet connection on a special occasion, here is a good news for you: Cinema Box allows its users to have a download option as well. It won’t ruin your mood even in a bad weather when internet speed is slow if you have downloaded the movie before on your smartphone.

It has kids’ mode as well. Now there is no need to be vigilant for the parents; they can go and do their office work with hundred percent assurance that their kid is in safe hands. If you are watching a movie in another language, or you are not a native English speaker and you might be facing trouble understanding the English dialects, why not give Cinema Box a try. It comes with language subtitles that can be added on the screen of the movie to help you know exactly what the missing words actually meant.

10. Hulu App (Both) 

It is Editor’s choice in App Store. So you know how much worth it holds! An amazing Movie App for the fanatic person. Whether you are a sitcom lover: Seinfeld or F.R.I.E.N.D.S, or a movie fan of the 70s, it holds everything for you at one place. There is an availability of free trial for new users only. There is a limited commercial plan at only $7.99/month and a non-commercial plan at only $13.99/month.

It has one of the decent libraries for movie freaks. You name it and it has it! Want to feel inspired? It has Shawshank Redemption and Pursuit of Happiness and several other movies to pick. You name a horror: yes! It has Conjuring 2 as well. What did I just say: It has all the movies; be it 90s, 80s or even 70s. Hulu Plus App requires iOS 9.0 or higher and it works on Apple TV as well.

11 .Viewster (Both) | Free

Any Anime Fanboy here ? Yeah..!! Viewster is an amazing movie App for anime lovers. Though App also features movies and Tv shows but anime remains its centric feature. All content is officially licensed with vast varieties from the different genre. The best comes with no sign-up deal. You are never bounded to get yourself registered. So no hassle there.


Let’s wrap it up with the conclusion of most terrific movie App. According to me, If paid solution is all that you want then Hulu and Netflix are perfect, based on your geographic location. If looking for free movie Apps then Showbox, Tubi Tv, and Hubi seem to be a fine bet.

Other than that for users living in India, Hotstar is a great amalgamation of all round entertainment star. Do let us know your thought on this article. If you are using any application not listed here, then comment section is always open for your valuable suggestions.