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Video on Demand is exactly what it says; movies, series, news, etc. ready to watch anytime you want and anywhere you want, something which was unimaginable a few years ago. Earlier, getting to watch your favourite movie or TV series was a privilege that you experienced at a very specific time and day of the week. But with the populace’s intense demand to be able to watch the show of their desire on the go according to convenience has resulted in the rise and rise of Video on Demand Services. When we talk about VoD, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is Netflix & Hulu. Netflix is loved worldwide and rival companies are leaving no stone unturned to create platforms very much similar to it and are striving to do better.

In this article, we’ll talk about a very new and very efficient Video on Demand service that may be the Netflix of the future; Amazon Prime Video. Trust a great company like Amazon to try their hand at On-Demand Videos and they’ll probably outperform everybody’s expectations.

Prime Video on Amazon

For those who’re still clueless or doubtful about what exactly is Amazon Prime Video, you should know that it’s a service that you need to pay a subscription fee for, that lets you choose from a list of popular movies, television series, etc. They also have Original shows created specifically for their platform that you won’t find elsewhere. Prime Video and the likes have successfully replaced television for people who live busy lives and can’t afford to wait to watch their favourite video content, be it news, the latest movies, or a series that has caught their attention.

Let’s look at Amazon Prime Video’s unique features and benefits and determine whether it’s a service worth investing your time and money on:

What does Amazon Prime Video offer?

  •  The good news is that Prime Video is free for a month for those people who want to spend 30 days enjoying all of their great video content and take the time to decide if they’re willing to part with their money to continue to enjoy Prime Video. All you need to do is register on Amazon with your Email-ID.
  • If you’re already registered, great! Once you have an Amazon account, click to choose the ‘start trial version’ of Amazon Prime Video and you’ll get instant access to their storehouse of amazing movies and videos on demand. When you near the end of your trial period, Amazon sends you a reminder email and then you can choose to add a payment method and authorize the subscription amount. It’s also great news that Prime Video’s subscription fee (INR 499/year in India, $10.99/month In US) is very reasonable and affordable to all.
  • Amazon Prime Video has a very well-curated collection of the most popular as well as hand-picked TV shows and movies as well as their exclusive collection of original shows called Amazon Originals.
  • All of the video content is well-organized into genres and categories that will make it easy for you to search and find specific content quickly.
  • You can also choose videos by language and region or by broad categories like lifestyle, docu-series, etc.
  • Prime Video also has a special collection of the best videos for kids from different age groups.
  • Amazon Prime Video is available as an App on App stores like the Google Play Store, iOS Store, Samsung App Store, as well as Amazon’s very own App Store called ‘Amazon Underground’. This enables you to access Prime Video anywhere and on all devices like Laptops, Phones, Tablets, etc.
  • All your watched movies and videos are separately stored for you to binge-watch over and over again without having to search for them.

Get Amazon Prime Video Application On Your Smartphones

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Amazing Features Of Amazon Prime Video:

If you’ve heard of Plug & Play, you should be knowing that it’s the reason why most people seem chained to their phones and laptops all day. You can get hooked on to Prime Video thanks to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick that comes with a remote controller. Your Prime Video subscription will enable you to simply plug the pen-drive-like device to your HDTV and enjoy unlimited streaming of Prime videos in your large, high-definition TVs. The remote controller will help you to easily switch to a different show and control volume, etc.

Another amazing benefit of opting for Amazon Prime Video is that although the videos are all in high-definition, they consume limited and just-about-enough data and power, thus saving a lot of battery usage and internet costs. The videos are optimized to minimize energy consumption and to maximize time spent on watching them.

Prime Video also has the option to download the movies and shows on the App so that you can watch them at your convenience. Of course, you don’t have the freedom to send or store them on your local device storage. But it allows you the freedom to pause and resume playback according to your convenience.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Pros

1. Amazon likes to pamper their customers, so if you choose to pay to subscribe to Prime Video, you’re given free access to Amazon’s collection of e-Books as well as free two-day shipping on all Amazon products.

2. Access to Amazon’s collection of large, entertaining, and useful video content.

  • Cons

1. Prime Video is still in its initial stages and is trying hard to beat Netflix in all aspects. While it’s great, it still falls short of the latter.

2. VoD services like Amazon Prime Video have certain restrictions based on the location from which you’re accessing them. So, if you live in a restricted location, you may still not have full access to their collection even though you’re paying the subscription fee.

Few Additional Insights:

If you’re a hardcore movie buff or you just can’t afford to miss the best movies out there, it’s natural to want to have an unlimited source of hand-picked videos so that you don’t have to spend hours from your busy schedule scouring through hundreds of websites and review pages to find those that are worth your time and attention.

Because let’s face it! There are a ton of bad movies and shows that leave you feeling like you wasted your precious energy and time on. If you let a service like Prime Video do the choosing, you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. The main reason why people choose a Video-on-Demand service like Amazon Prime Video is for its excellent collection that’s regularly updated and maintained by people behind-the-scenes.


The number of users on Amazon Prime Video is growing exponentially. Looks like Amazon wants to give cut-throat competition to Netflix & Hulu and even overthrow the latter by being the top Video-on-Demand service provider. Nevertheless, thus far they’ve proven that they’re a reliable platform with high-quality content. So, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video without too much worry. Of course, this depends on whether you’re willing to commit to the monthly/yearly subscription fee and whether it’s acceptable for your budget.

There are plenty of other VoD services similar to Amazon Prime Video, the best of which are Netflix and Hulu. They vary in price and benefits offered. Netflix is, of course, Amazon Prime Video’s toughest competitor with Hulu not far behind. If you’re confused about which you should go for, visit their official websites, compare pricing and features, and refer to user reviews and ratings to help you make the best pick.

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