Download Install Movie Box & MovieHD App

It is no big secret that our lives are becoming more and more Tech shabby &  hectic day by day. Whether it is our work life or school/college life, our hours seem to be getting short and we are ending up feeling like our day has fewer hours than before and we are not able to achieve everything which we had planned to do in those 24 hours. When thoughts like these enter your mind, it is obvious that you would want a getaway from all the stress and tension from your everyday life and what better way to that than watching a movie with close ones or even alone.

I know…I know, even going to watch a movie can cost you big bucks if you consider the ticket prices and then food at the theaters. That’s why it is best that you should be knowing about some of the movie apps using which you can watch your favourite movies on apps and that too while saving the money you would have usually spent when going to a cinema hall.

Here, We are Explaining How to Install Movie Box App

1. Movie Box

Install Movie Box

Movie Box is an amazing app on which you can easily stream/download your favourite video songs, movies or even TV shows for free. You get the option to list down all the movies you have watched and the movies which you want to watch in the future. It is extremely convenient for the users as they also get the option to get a background review of the movies such as the characters and the ideology behind it. Another feature to enjoy is Movie box lets you download movies from the app for free.

The app ensures that you don’t watch a boring movie, therefore it gives you access to cast previews to allow you to make an informed decision. It also comes with a feature named “Random Chooser” which is one of the best features of this app as it randomly chooses an amazing movie from its database.

Another proof Movie box includes a feature such as you always get the real rating of the movies as the ratings are updated immediately after a new user submits a review or rating. You also get the ability to watch the movies and TV series in a High definition which ensures maximum comfort. You also get the option to watch movie trailers as soon as they are released officially.

Another huge plus point of installing movie box is that Movie box is available for Both Android and iOS platforms. The only negative aspect that can be thought of this app is that it needs to be connected to a reliable and fast Internet Connection. Without a high-speed internet connection, it is unable to perform to its potential and you might be left with a sour taste in your mouth thinking this app is not how I imagined it to be.

How To  Install Movie Box

1. First Download the Apk file for the Movie app.

2. Open the App, if there is an error regarding the installation.

3. Then change your security. Go to  Setting > Security > unknown Source to enable it.

After finishing these steps you can easily install movie box and enjoy free Tv shows and Movies. You can read more about.

2. MovieHD

Movie Box

Another app:  MovieHD is another powerful and amazing app which you can use for streaming free movie or downloading movies. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and gives you the option to stream and download unlimited movies and TV shows in High Definition.

Even though it has an ordinary design and looks like every other movie app, it keeps some really unique and promising features underneath. Its main screen features movies in grids, just like every movie app. There is also a search button in the top-right corner for looking for your favourite movie.

Beside the search box, you will find another button which will allow you to filter movies according to their genres like action, romance, comedy etc. You will also come across a button on the top-left of the screen which opens a list of sections like Movie, TV Shows, Favourites and Downloads. The Movie and TV Show sections are further divided into categories of popular, new, update and rating.

What’s So Amazing About Movie HD

MovieHD gives you popular movies like Deadpool, Big Hero 6, Transformers, Batman and more. It also gives you popular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, and The Big Bang Theory etc. However, if you are looking for latest released movies such as Logan, you might be left disappointed as this app takes some time before updating the library.

Another point worth noting is that even though it gives you options to choose from resolutions like 360p, 720p, and 1080p, it perfectly plays only 360p and 720p. If you want to play movies at 1080p, the app takes a lot of time to buffer and doesn’t perform well enough. You can read more about movie HD here.


These were two of the most amazing apps Movie box and MovieHD on which you can watch movies for free on your smartphones. Here, we have explained how to Install Movie box. Even though these apps have few cons, they should be neglected as no Movie app is perfect. And why look at the cons when the pros list is incredibly huge and attractive. The biggest pro has to be that it is helping you save money as well as time, as you can watch movies while sitting at home in a comfortable atmosphere.

While no one is advising that you should stop hanging out with friends entirely and watch movies at home all the time but these Movie apps are like gold dust for those who aren’t in a condition to go to cinemas every now and then to watch movies.