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Boring. I feel bored. I want to watch the latest episode of my favourite show now. Have you ever felt like that?

As we are progressing regarding knowledge, skill potential and technology we are becoming more and more dependent on mobiles and laptops for more than a dozen of things that we do in a day. Be it calling or social media; digitalization has proved its mettle on the entertainment also.

Whatever you may call it, The quench for Entertainment never settles. We want more and more doses of Ultimate masterpieces that can rejuvenate and ease the pressure that haunts us these days. In this post, I am going to put light on a free movie streaming app that will probably provide you with best movies in its database. Popcorn time is a multi-platform app that is available on computer, Mac, iOS, windows, android mobile devices.

Popcorn Time Download

Attention: use this app with a caution that it may or may not be legal in your country to use this app to stream movies.

It is a general more evident observation these days that torrenting is associated with piracy. However, that is not always the case. It depends on how your country laid laws to access torrents. If you know how to play safe, go ahead.

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Who developed PopcornTime App?

This app is crafted as a result of brainstorming and hard work of some young developers who presented a superb idea in working form. The story back in 2004 when Argentinian developers started to work on something that will make it make it easier stream videos from torrents.

As a result of brainstorming and smart work of the developers, popcorn time application was born. However, due to some REASONS, popcorntime soon faced a lot of legal issues and was taken down by the government. Based on open source code the app got revival again from other developers and is rocking now.

There has been much controversy regarding Netflix and popcorn time. Let’s have a  closer look on what popcorn time has for you. Let’s learn every interesting bit of information.

How Popcorntime App Works?

Popcorn time is a video streaming mobile application works on p2p streaming purely based on torrents.

You need to know that whenever you click on a movie link in the app, it starts to download in the internal memory of your phone but with a different algorithm that forces playback of the download bits of information that are downloaded sequentially from other peers as soon as a connection is made. This also similar to how showbox app works.

If you have a tech-savvy conscience, you will quickly understand that the file format that torrent is delivering must be streamable. Agree! Right! They take care of that to provide uninterrupted smooth glitches free experience.

So they primarily use “YIFY” torrents which are usually encoded using the h.264 encoding which is streamable.

What’s there for the users:

Out of courtesy or in need of you use popcorn time, you get the following exceptional advantages, especially over the paid streaming app.

  1. It is free.
  2. Lucid interface and robust design make it marvellous for use.
  3. Movies are available in HD.
  4. Subtitles are supported.
  5. Searching movies is easier than ever.
  6. Videos are grouped into different categories and genres.
  7. Anime is there along with TV series and movies.
  8. VPN is embedded in an app to keep you at a secret web location which is safer. You just need to download a VPN app for this feature to work for you.

These Features you will never get anywhere else.

Download Popcorn Time App

Not many apps comes with the ability and versality to work on multiple device. Popcorn time is an amazing example of how an app could perform out of the box in every any software of user’s choice. Below is a link to download Popcorn time app. Download App for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or even Linux.

Download App

How to watch any movie free

To watch any movie for free, you just need to download Popcorn time app. The app is available on multiple platforms, it is available for your mobile device, or you can also access it on your Mac or Windows laptop.

All you need to do is type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search box and depending on the results you just need to click on the video link and then the app will play it for you.

Everybody wants to have some entertainment in life on fingertips in this high-tech world, but if you can get it without spending any penny, there is nothing remarkable than that. So where is the best for the best? You got it right. Popcorn time cares for those who are not able to pay the subscription fee for the entertainment the streaming giants like Netflix provide.

So, download popcorn time app and enjoy the ocean of movies for free on any device of your choice.